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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s 2014 and exactly a year since I drove down to Sydney to start my new life. Thank you for everyone who has supported me on the journey and a huge thank you for all my new Sydney friends for making the year such a great one. 

I have done heaps this year! I’ve been in my first feature film Pop-Up, my first Sci-Fi The Army Within, worked on a TV Series Old School and did a TVC for McDonalds (my goal for the year). I did 2 Touring shows, appeared in 10 Short films, started Trivia hosting, StandUp and got back into Impro again. I've done 6 Acting workshops (including Christine King Casting's Cinzia Coassin last month), filmed a Scene-A-Week and produced a new Demo Reel. I also made a Facebook Fan-page (it was inevitable) ‘Like’ it and follow my acting journey!

The New Year... 2014 is a new year however. My goal this year… to move to LA. Woah!!! It’s not final as getting a Visa will definitely be harder than I think. And who knows, I may decide after my US trip that I hate the place. But at this moment that’s the goal. :)

I am also setting myself a goal of being very internet savvy. I have been told I would be a great YouTube celebrity and in 2014, '50 Shades of May’ will be a thing. Comedy skits and sketches, scenes, songs, stand up, everything original of course. Please subscribe.

As part of '50 Shades of May’, Merryn & I have decided to make a Series of web-skits called ‘Friendly Advice’. Seeing as though we live in different states, the only way to solve or vent our problems is via phone. We have already released ‘Episode 1: It’s a Ticky Situation’. Check it out. Many more to come. What else…

This January I’m heading to the US. I’ve booked flights, accommodation, have organised a car and now all I have to do is make the most of it. I’m doing a TVI Course for 5 days and then intend to go to as many classes as possible. Any tips and suggestions would be amazing! I’m really hoping to do as many comedy classes as possible there too.

I am also filming ‘Puppy Love’ this year. A beautiful love story about two performers and their dog. Will keep you updated on this.

And this Thursday, come on down to the Roxbury for an Improvised night like no other. It’s The First Thursday Impro Club Night of the year brought to you by Fresh and Impro Australia and I’m in it. It’s $15 for adults and $10 for students (you lucky things you).

And that’s it. I hope you all had a wonderfully exciting New Years. I spent the evening making up stories as an Alien at the Lord Mayors Picnic in Botanical Gardens, then checked out the Fireworks from Kirribilli.

Happy 2014!

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