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Goodbye 2020 : Hello 2021

Happy New Year everyone. I brought in the New Year with my best friend playing Jumanji and finishing off my 2021 goals list. Before I share my new goals with you all, it's important to look back and reflect on the year that was the beginning and hopefully the end of covid.

I kicked some major milestones in 2020. I finalised and signed Zombie Bro over to Indican Pictures, I finished my first year of university studying a Bachelor of Social Work and a Canadian family had a child that I donated eggs for.

Other stand-out moments were that I got my manual drivers licence, sang with a choir again and saved a heap of money thanks to a collection of books on finance and podcasts on investing.

While I didn't have too much change due to covid work-wise, I had a number of personal troubles this year starting with becoming an ex-member of a band, finding out a high school friend was back home in Australia and ignoring all my messages, and dealing with some demons from my past two years in Toronto.

Overall, it was a trying year and I am so proud to be at the very start of a new one. And with that - let's take a look at the year ahead!


  1. Buy a house by end of 2021

  2. Get motorcycle learners permit on my birthday

  3. Meet Guy Sebastian at his November concert

  4. Cruise to and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

  5. Stay at DBCYP for one plus years

  6. Join AASW and attend events

  7. Host 10+ kids parties

  8. Volunteer for CPL

  9. Finish my second year of University

  10. Listen to french podcasts on my way to work

  11. Attend a live TED talk event

  12. Read two books a month

  13. Sydney screening of Zombie Bro and distribute DVDs to all main cast and crew

  14. Be cast in an amateur musical

  15. Sing in a choir/ got to Pub choirs

  16. Fly to Sydney for Hamilton

  17. Watch a movie a week

  18. Hike once a month

  19. Attend at least two gym classes a week

  20. Do Tough Mudder/ Spartan Race

  21. Write my will

  22. Write monthly blogs

  23. Post Christmas cards on time

  24. Sew a dress

  25. Throw my best friend a baby shower


  1. Foster children

  2. Write kids content for Disney and live in Los Angeles

  3. Be mentored by Taika Waititi

  4. Be the ambassador and run a camp for disadvantaged children

  5. Inspire people to be more confident and empower them to be their best selves

I wish you all the best for 2021, may you achieve all your goals and tick some items off your bucket list too!

xx May

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