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Can I really call myself an Actor?

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Hey there deeply devoted fans,

It’s me, May Grehan, that girl you thought would be kicking ass in the film industry by now, but is not due to the small size of Australian networks. I’m back for my monthly instalment!

What acting adventures have I been up to this past October?

I know - it’s a bit sad… How does one call themself an actor is they have not in fact auditioned for or acted in anything for a very long time? The answer – not sure. Some people say that you should call yourself an actor and put it out to the universe but I find myself calling oneself a Kids entertainer these days.

But you know what… no point in me wasting your time explaining how sad an acting career can really be in the city of Sydney so I’ll tell you of other more exciting adventures this lass is getting up to in the new year!

I’m moving back home! "What?" I hear you say on the other side of your phone or laptop screen. It seems to me that when you hit 25, there really is nothing better than going home (in my case back to Brisbane) to share wonderful family times, to hang out with old friends and to grow back the courage that has been knocked out of you since moving away the first time to make another even bigger change. Mine? I am moving to Montreal in March next year!!!

If this all seems sudden to you, let me tell you the many reasons for the move...

1. Sydney offers no acting prospects. I tried staying optimistic for the past 3 years but there is only so much hoping and wishing you can do. After a while – after trying really really hard to be seen – you kind of have to pack you bags and find somewhere else that will embrace the incredible you. 

2. I'm too young. I’ve been told by numerous acting mentors and teachers to go live my life and come back to acting when I’m 30. There’s no work for 20 somethings and once you get to 30 a lot of people have quit along the way and your talent can rise above all the those blonde bombshells that have all the luck right now.

3. Becoming Bilingual. I’ve longed to learn French ever since I watched RATATOUILLE and aim to be fluent by the end of 2017. 

4. Exposure. I will have a Kids feature film completed, which needs marketing at festivals/ film markets and I’ll be closer to all of those events.

5. Visa. It’s heaps easy to get a visa for Canada due to our commonwealth partnership.

So BOOM… I move in March once my Colour Grade, Sound Mix and Music Composition is done for ZOMBIE BRO.

On a lighter note, or darker… you can check out THE ARMY WITHIN now on YouTube. It’s got more than 150,000 views! Woah! Don’t be an idiot and read the comments like I do. The world is full of haters and usually they are the only ones that write comments online. It’s a super awesome film and was most probably the best part of me living in Sydney.

Also, the newest POP-UP Trailer is out. Check it out. I’m like totally a sexy Megan Fox-like character only I’m genuine and size 12. What?! Unheard of.

But that’s me for now. November is about getting a picture lock on ZOMBIE BRO, whipping up a trailer, selling all my furniture and spamming everyone to like and follow ZB on different media outlets- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for reading. Till the jolly month of Christmas!

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