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Bad News... I didn't get it!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Dear Maypril,

It’s a combined blog post this month because I’m tardy… and tired most of the time. I guess that’s what growing older does to you... Every time I see a bench, I must sit down. And I genuinely scowl at children on public transport that are sitting, thinking “you don’t need that seat you ungrateful little s***. You have energy, you have youth! Your legs yearn to be stretched, not wasted on that comfortable chair, that is designated for people who NEED it, like me. So get up and-”. Anyway... I’m still alive and kicking sitting in Toronto. It is my seventh month here and… well how about I start off with the bad news and then move onto the better news. Hmm?

THE BAD NEWS: For the seventh year in a row, I "HAVE NOT BEEN SELECTED" for the US DV Lottery Program. Over the course of the past few years, I know at least ten friends that have gotten it, maybe more. Heck, just in the last few months, three people I know posted about finalizing their green card papers. Unlucky May. Guess I’ll only get there by hard work and once and for all, proving that I am an exceptional talent. Poop. So... that’s actually probably the only bad news really. Everything else is fairly good. But the title made you click, didn't it? :P THE GOOD NEWS: I did that short film with the Catfish! And below is a sneak peek of what you have to look forward to. It’s me… and a puppet catfish… filming a sex scene. I know… so wet (pun intended). It's the closest I will ever get to filming a sex scene (cos I’m a prudish kind of actress). I had the most fun time on this shoot. There was non-stop laughing at the absurdity of it all and the gaggle of goose I got to work with on set were top notch. Will let you know when you can all see it.

In ZB news, Zombie Bro HAS to be complete by the end of this month. No pressure guys! But seriously, the TIFF submissions end this month… And I live here and… the movie is amazing and… I kind of think it might be my destiny and that I’ll meet George Clooney and I’ll be like “hey” and he’ll be like “hi… I’m going to see an indie film named Zombie Bro” and I’ll be like “oh that’s crazy, because I wrote, directed and produced that movie” and then he will throw loads of cash my way and say “make your next film, it’s on me... oh and here is Taika Waititi’s number, give him a call because he is mentoring you from now on”. So yes… we should have a completed feature by then. Which means all the people involved can watch it and celebrate the start of its festival circuit!!! Woohoo! PS. The Poster is up on IMDB, check it out!

Work-wise, I now work at a 50’s style milkshake shop known as The Bean and Baker Malt Shop which is literally one minute from my house and I finally understand tips. Not totally… but I get paid them now so I’m on the profiteering side of it all. It’s nice. But still does not make the pay difference feel justified. I love working there, I get to sing 50’s tunes and Motown hits, all while making people drinks that make them feel good. And I get to wear a cute waitress outfit straight out of any 50’s movie you have ever seen. I even bought bright red lipstick to go with it! I don’t have a photo of me in the outfit yet. But below is a picture of me celebrating my 22nd birthday as Marty from Grease sipping on a milkshake. Clearly, the job was meant to be.

And lastly, I met a boy. And that boy likes me and I like him. And it’s the first time since the last time this happened, and that was four years ago. And that guy… I almost married. So I’m not going to jinx anything or say too much but I’m seeing a guy and I think he is swell.

See you in June xx May

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