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The Writer

May began writing her first novel after she went on a group trip to a museum. It was about a female butcher who stalked and murdered her boyfriends past lovers in gruesome ways. It was never finished, and luckily never illustrated. 

Flash forward twenty years, May now writes screenplays, cabarets, short films, music and now... childrens' books. 

In 2016, after a six month stint overseas, the idea of Marvin and Maude: The Travel Bugs came to life. Three years on and the first three books are finally here. Check them out and if you are interested in purchasing any, contact her at may.grehan@gmail.com.

Travel Bugs


Based on the real life travel adventures of two best friends.

Follow our travel bugs, Marvin and Maude, as they explore the world.

Marvin and Maude are best bugs. They have known each other since they were larvae and egg.

Now that they are a fully grown dragonfly and ladybug, they have got the itch to go travelling.

"What a fun adventure, Maude. I am so glad I got to visit this country with you," says Marvin.

"Me too best bug. I love making memories with you," replies Maude.